Technology ROI starts with training.

Help get the most out of your technology investment dollar by leveraging Strata’s training services. Whether it’s a shiny new technology or one that has been in production for some time, we deliver the know-how to help maximize your staff and technology investment.

New technology without a knowledgeable, efficient or evenly trained staff is a far too common occurrence. Both expensive and ineffective, these conditions compound over time.

To avoid this, Strata always makes available customized administration and end-user training on all the products we install or upgrade. We can also provide the same customized training for those systems deployed by other installation services providers.

We don’t ignore existing systems. Deficiencies in technology utilization on production systems lowers return on investment and increases unproductiveness. Avoid costly pitfalls and breathe new life into your current solution by deploying fully customized training.
• Bring new team members up to speed quickly with full product spectrum training
• Fill in product knowledge gaps to tap into non or underutilized system functionality
• Realize your current staff’s potential through recall and reinforcement training of previous acquired knowledge


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